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Health and Sport Technologies

Software Engineer, Senior Technical Consultant, Full-time

Skills required:

  • Experience with production development and deployment of complex distributed systems
  • Great PHP and JavaScript skills
  • Experience with SQL and NoSQL database solutions
  • BS, MS, or PhD in Computer Science or Maths, or equivalent work experience
  • Strong communication skills
  • Willing to work start-up hours and get completely involved

  • Extra:
  • System and database administration
  • An interest in statistical analysis
  • An interest in open data and data visualization

What you'll be working on:

  • Write code and solve problems across the SportTracker platform and infrastructure
  • Manage and prioritise tasks within the technical team
  • Build multiple infrastructures for a variety of upcoming Health and Sport Technologies projects
  • Create, extend and optimise database schemas
  • Define and build high-performance, scalable infrastructure
  • Optimise and troubleshoot complex distributed systems

Why our company rocks:

Health and Sport Technologies are a dynamic, motivated and incredibly talented team with ambition to disrupt through technology, data and user experience with an exciting new product targeting the sports industry internationally. We are currently working with international associations in the sports industry and are looking to recruit a talented Software Engineer to join our innovative team.


Senior Operations Engineer, Full-time

Skills required:

  • BSc or higher in Computer Science or related discipline and/or 5+ years industry experience
  • Experience supporting web applications, including Java, LAMP and RoR stacks
  • Experience with automated system configuration e.g. Chef
  • Experience with Linux administration
  • Experience with cloud computing platforms (e.g. Amazon AWS, Rackspace, etc.)
  • Experience working with relational and non-relational database and key-value store systems. This would ideally include prior experience of administration of OLAP solutions
  • Knowledge of C/C++, Java, Python, Ruby, Erlang and Javascript would be a plus

What you'll be working on:

  • Supporting the operations of a 24x7x365 hosted solution. Ensure appropriate monitoring and alerting mechanisms are in place to support the company's high availability goals
  • Working with engineering team in identifying and fixing bottlenecks in infrastructure and provide input into systems architecture, anticipating the future needs of the company
  • Administration of a scalable cloud-based infrastructure in multiple availability zones and regions for full global mission critical deployment of services
  • Implementation of solutions to facilitate a reliable, repeatable, iterative release and deployment process. Implement systems for monitoring and alerting re. overall performance and health of system, and work with the engineering team to address degradations
  • Provision systems to detect and manage malicious activities including intrusion, DDoS and other attacks
  • Evaluation, management and integration of 3rd party services. Work with service providers to ensure quality of services delivered

Why our company rocks:

Swrve's the future! You will get to join a team of super-smart and friendly people who work in a collaborative and fast-paced environment. We have exciting (paying!) customers on board using our service across their suites of games. The games industry is one of the most interesting and challenging sectors in technology and is filled with forward-thinking, adventurous types. Our customers rock and our team rocks too! We have the industry knowledge and experience to achieve something truly world-class.

Blue Cube Dublin

Digital Art Director, Full-time

Skills required:

  • 5+ years of proven interactive art direction experience
  • Expert Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, After Effects, Video
  • Web front-end expert today, mobile expert tomorrow
  • A deep desire to experiment and learn with others./li>
  • Expert and proven design, typography, interactive skills
  • A unique portfolio
  • Leadership
  • Passion for pop culture, entertainment, video and online gaming, movies, TV, art, design, technology

What you'll be working on:

  • Work within the creative team to address advertising and design briefs
  • Conceptualise and design emotion-inspiring digital comms
  • Assist our UX director and our technology team to improve the usability and design of our clients websites
  • Maintain an atmosphere of collaboration and creativity with the marketing team
  • Stay up-to-date and provide thought leadership on design best practices and industry trends, with particular interests in mobile and new devices development
  • Contribute to the agency fame
  • Maintain a network of talented designers and creators

Why our company rocks:

Blue Cube are a unique mix of creative, tech and advertising heads. Our creative strategies lead our work. We are never happy using the same campaign platform again and are passionate about discovering the next big thing. Over the last 8 years we have trained and assembled a talented studio; this year we are recruiting more senior talent to lead more projects and kick start a new era of collaboration with creative partners.

Activation Energy

IT Development Manager - Greenfield Project, Full-time

Skills required:

  • Project delivery experience
  • Ability to present and support design decisions
  • Set up the company test bench
  • Telecoms/Data Communication architecture
  • Distributed data collection systems
  • Relational data modelling
  • SQL & Web technologies
  • Mission critical system management
  • Experience with energy metering and/or automation solutions, whilst not essential, is desirable

What you'll be working on:

  • Manage contractors, suppliers and off-the-shelf solution integrators
  • Lead the development of the IT architecture and vision for the organisation
  • Develop ongoing changes to our current MySQL
  • Determining the technology stack to use
  • Creating and running the test lab (metering & data communication configuration)
  • Package the client-site solution for on-site implementation
  • Identify most suitable developers (in house, contract or off-the-shelf solutions)
  • Work on databases, software development, software integration, hardware identification and integration, data centre management, GSM network management, electricity systems integration, SCADA, stakeholder management (electricity company integration)

Why our company rocks:

Activation Energy Ltd ( is developing solutions to assist large electricity users to interact with the electricity wholesale market for Demand Side Management. Our system will interact with metering systems, the wholesale electricity market ( and the electricity system operator (

Everworks Ltd

Code Warrior, CTO, Full-time

Skills required:

You have experience with SaaS applications, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Amazon Web Services and other common web development tools and platforms. You are a full stack developer and familiar with lean/agile software development. Bonus points if you have had experience in a leadership role in the past.

Most importantly, you must want to create great products that make customers happy.

What you'll be working on:

In addition to committing code, you will have the opportunity to experience and learn about all aspects of being part of a startup, including taking part in the customer development process, pitching to investors and getting things done.

Why our company rocks:

At Everworks, we want to help make small business better. We are doing that by building web applications that are easy to use, look great and solve real customer problems. Our first app, ZenDoc, is a web based tool that simplifies staff training for small businesses.

If you want a career that is challenging, rewarding and where you have the potential to make a difference, then this job is for you.



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